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Belgian Chocolate Callets, Curls and coated Treats from £3.50

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For baking, making, fondues, fountains or just eating, these luxury Belgian chocolate callets certainly hit the spot!

Choose from milk, white, dark and caramel.

FAQ - we would recommend a minimum of 1kg of chocolate to use with a small fountain. Once melted add small amounts (1 tspn) of either cocoa butter, veg oil or sunflower oil until your chocolate flows smoothly.


Great for decorating cakes and sweet treats or perfect for use with a velvetiser to make a luxurious hot chocolate.

Choose from milk, white and dark.

FAQ - a 100g bag should be sufficient to make three hot chocolates.


Choose from our luxurious selection of chocolate coated nibbles. mallows, honeycomb, coffee beans and stem ginger enrobed in Belgian chocolate!

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