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Hot Chocolate Bombs, Stirrers and Spoons from £2.75

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*Hot chocolate bombs.
Available in milk, white or dark chocolate. Each bomb contains a large marshmallow and lots of mini ones. Pop your bomb into an empty mug, before pouring hot milk over the bomb and watch as it makes instant Belgian hot chocolate!
*All in 1 stirrer block sets. 2 large stirrer blocks in every pack.
Available in milk, dark or white chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows. Just stir around in hot milk to make your own Belgian hot chocolate at home.
*Children's hot chocolate sets.
Each bag contains everything you need to have fun making (and consuming!) a hot chocolate at home and is available in milk, white or dark chocolate. There's a stirrer block, a bag of mini marshmallows, a large marshmallow and a chocolate teaspoon in every bag.

*Chocolate spoons pack of 4 spoons.

Available in milk, white or dark Belgian chocolate. A perfect addition to either stir in to make your hot drink more chocolatey, or just to eat!

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