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stocked full of the products made in our onsite workshop


All year round we have a dedicated birthday section as well as our wider selection of general gifts and treats. Our seasonal section will be full of a whole variety of unique gifts appropriate to the special time of year.

Free From

We may be a chocolate shop, but, here at Chocolate Whirled, we try to cater for as many different needs as possible. 

All of our Belgian chocolate is free from gluten, nuts, eggs and sesame and we also buy in a wide selection of treats and gifts from trusted suppliers that are vegan, dairy free and soya free to ensure that, as far as we can, there is something for everyone!

Novelty Chocs & Gifts

As well as traditional chocolates, we love to create things for you that are quirky, unique and extra special! These include our themed chocolate pizzas, chocolate shoes, handbags, footballs, slab bars, tool kits, message plaques, chocolate numbers/letters and a very large selection of other sports, hobby and themed gifts and treats! We try to keep a wide variety out on the shelves all year round, but feel free to ask if there's something you'd like that you can't see and we will do our best to help you! 

Smash Domes

We are the original place in Southport to offer our alternative to celebration cakes. Each smash dome is jam packed full of either Quality Street or a sweetie mix ready to be discovered when the recipient smashes their way through the thick layer of decorated chocolate forming the themed dome.

Hot Chocolate Section

Whatever the weather our customers can not seem to get enough of our delicious Belgian hot chocolate.  So, we made the decision to have a dedicated 'make at home' section, where people can ensure that they can stock up on everything including bombs, giant mallows, all in one  stirrer sets, kids hot choc sets, and chocolate spoons with which to indulge themselves with at home.  All of our hot chocolate products are available in milk, white and dark chocolate.


For a small additional charge, we are able to personalise a number of our products with names or messages.  We do require a minimum of one weeks notice to do this and may be unable to do so during busier times of year.


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